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A 24/7 access to Yoga Sculpt workouts, meal plans and new trainings each month to create and sustain your body tone, weight loss and health related goals. 

Workout Videos

Get Instant Access to a collection of Yoga Sculpt workouts that will tone, tighten and promote weight loss and a healthier you!

Meal Plan

A Meal Plan that is customized specifically to the workouts in the program, eliminating the guess work for you.  

Live Q & A

Join Jeri Hartley for Monthly LIVE Q&A calls via Zoom.  Ask questions specific to your goals and overall journey.

Updated Content

Each Month you will get access to a new training that is centered around topics like: Exercise, Diet, Mindset and more!

I'm Jeri Hartley

Health, Wellness and Fitness Coach

As a new mom, I quickly learned that finding time to do almost anything for myself was almost impossible, forget trying to make it to the gym or yoga studio. I quickly realized that I had to find a way to make my health and fitness a priority not just for myself, but for my family as well. After I did that, everything changed. I had more confidence and energy to spend more time with my family.


Being a certified Yoga Teacher and RN, I knew I  had the background and knowledge to make the changes I needed, but what about all the other busy women who needed help?


That's when I created Tone Sculpt Yoga with the goal of creating  workouts that combined yoga, strength training and cardio to make the most of our limited time and help women just like you and me reach their goals.


Because you want to be and feel your best self, and because there are NO EXCUSES not to!


For Busy Women

Access your workouts, meal plan and other trainings directly from your laptop, phone or tablet. Any Time, 24/7. 


For Users

With a quick and simple login, you get everything you need, plus new and updated content every month.  


For Members

Join your coach, Jeri Hartley for a LIVE Q&A session each month.  Ask specific questions that are important to your health/fitness goals. 

Jeri Hartley

Your Health Coach

You coach, Jeri Hartley is a trained and certified Yoga Instructor and former R.N.  She knows wellness, fitness and health, from the inside out, and you get access to HER tryde and true workouts and trainings! 



The Tone Sculpt Yoga At Home Studio, Membership is jam packed with QUICK access to what's most important to your fitness goals. 

  • Workouts

    Video workouts that you can stream at the time that is most convenient to you, in the comfort of your own home. 

  • Live Q&A with Jeri

    Ask Jeri Questions during a monthly LIVE Q&A, to ensure you get the most out of your workout, weight loss and/or fitness goals. 

  • Meal Plan

    A simple to follow meal plan that is customized specifically to the workouts that you have access too.  It's not just "another meal plan." It's a meal plan with purpose!

  • New Monthly Trainings!

    Each month a new training is unlocked for you in the membership.  Topics range from exercise, healthy habits, mindset, diet and more!

Created Specifically with YOU in MIND!

You know that feeling when. . . . 

  • You feel self-conscious about your appearance

  • You’ve tried diets in the past but haven’t gotten the results you really
    want OR you just put the weight back on 5 minutes later

  • You can’t seem to find time between organizing play dates, keeping the
    house in order or working to even go to the gym


With your membership to Tone Sculpt Yoga - At Home, you cover all basis of HEALTH, WELLNESS, FITNESS and WEIGHT LOSS.  All at an AFFORDABLE, NO CONTRACT, month to month price, and ALL in the CONVENIENCE of your home.


Do I need a lot of space to workout?

Will I get instant access?

Where is the Q&A held? 

Do I get to work with Jeri 1:1?

What is Yoga Sculpt?

How long do I have to work out?

Are the workouts hard?

What if I decide to cancel or upgrade?


Instant Access

I want to hear about you, your challenges and the goals you want to achieve to make a lasting change. My passion is empowering women just like you and me to feel strong and confident.


I’m here to help you feel the best you’ve ever felt inside and out. I will help guide you to get the results you’ve always wanted.


The methods for what I teach was created to help you build strength while boosting your metabolism and energy.


Let’s Get Started Together!


Jeri H. 

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