6 Week Yoga Sculpt Certification Training with Jeri Hartley

Get Certified in Yoga Sculpt!

Yoga + Cardio + Strength Training = Yoga Sculpt

Stretch. Strengthen. Sweat.


Become Certified, Transform Your Practice and...

  • Have students knocking down your door.

  • Offer a class that is fun and unique, and one that helps you stand out from the gazillion other yoga teachers out there.

  • Increase your class size and have a wait list.

  • Attract new clientele that usually goes to a gym or takes fitness classes and YOU get to be the one to introduce them to the yoga world.

  • Offer an amazing class that your students will love and has the benefits of traditional yoga, strength training and cardio.


  • Certified Yoga Teachers:

    You have your 200hr or 500hr training. You’ve taught private classes or at a studio. 

  • You love teaching Yoga...

    but you want to mix it up and offer your students something unique and fun. 

  • You want to pack your classes...

    and make a sustainable income in the yoga/wellness world.

  • You are ready to teach something different...

    but don’t have time to travel or sit in a classroom for hours to get another certification. 

  • You want the ease and flexibility...

    of completing a certification at home with the confidence of knowing that you will be fully supported throughout your training.

Hi! My name is Jeri Hartley, and I’m the founder of Tone Sculpt Yoga!

I discovered Yoga Sculpt 10 years ago when I randomly walked into a free class. I had never taken a yoga class of any kind and had no idea what I was walking into.


I left my first class with a feeling of excitement and energy that I never had before and I couldn’t wait to take another class. I kept going back and quickly gained strength, flexibility and a new confidence in myself. 


After a few years, I completed a Yoga Sculpt Teacher Certification with no intention to teach. I wanted to learn as much as I possibly could about my favorite past time. During the training, I quickly realized that I wanted to share my passion with as many people as possible. I began teaching at Core Power Yoga in San Diego in 2013.


In 2014, I completed my 200-hr Vinyasa Yoga Certification. While I love several different Yoga modalities, Yoga Sculpt will always hold a special place in my heart because it introduced me to the big, wide world of yoga. 

Why I am different...

In 2016, I moved to Savannah, GA to be closer to my family. I was excited to visit new studios, but quickly found that none of the studios in the area offered Yoga Sculpt or anything similar.


Eventually I found a studio that was willing to take a chance and offer a different type of class. The studio owner and teachers were great, but they taught the same exact classes as the other 3 studios in town. They were the newest studio and didn’t have anything to make them stand out. The studio was struggling every month to make ends meet.


Enter Yoga Sculpt...The students were very receptive to the new class. They loved the fun and unique style. The word got out and as the class size grew larger, it became obvious to the studio owner that she needed to offer more yoga sculpt classes. I began training other yoga teachers and I found my true calling. I love sharing my passion for yoga sculpt and watching other teachers and students fall in love with all of the benefits of Yoga Sculpt as well.


In the end, what makes TSY Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training different from other online programs is that I truly care that you are confident and comfortable teaching this unique style of yoga by the end of the program. I don’t just send you a bunch of videos and e-books for you to figure out on your own. I work with you every week to ensure your success.


THE NEXT TRAINING STARTS Oct. 21, 2019!  You MUST APPLY by Oct. 18, 2019 to be considered for enrollment for this session!


Why Yoga Sculpt?

  • Yoga + Strength Training + HIIT = Yoga Sculpt

  • 30 CE's via Yoga Alliance

  • Offer a unique and fun class

  • Stand out from the crowd by offering a different type of class

  • ​All-inclusive workout to get the best of both worlds 

  • Builds core strength

  • Increased metabolism (continue to burn calories 24-48 hours after class)

  • Improved cardiovascular health

  • Increased muscle tone

  • Increased Flexibility

  • Increased bone density

  • Improved posture

  • Increases blood flow to promote mental clarity/healthy brain

  • A healthy body can help fight illness and disease

How It Works

Tone Sculpt Yoga is a 6 week online group program that gives you 1-on-1 support to help you feel confident and comfortable teaching this unique style and leaves you ready to pack your classes! You will have exclusive access to an online portal for weekly trainings, private FB group for support, weekly video calls to practice teach and so much more!

  • Week 1

    Intro to the program


    Anatomy Basics to ensure students practice safely while enjoying a fun & unique class, while getting all the benefits of Yoga Sculpt

  • Week 3-4

    Tone Sculpt Yoga 

    Sample Class Blueprints


    Yoga Poses/Exercises

    Practice Teach


    150+ Video Exercise Library with Cues and Modifications

  • Week 6

    How to Structure/Sequence Your Class


    How to use the 5 Sample Blueprints to create a fun, new and unique class every time without spending hours creating a class from scratch

  • Week 2

    How to Cue with Clarity


    Yoga Warm Up and Cool Down 

    for a safe Yoga Sculpt class


    Practice Teach

  • Week 5

    Practice Teach


    Modifications/Safety Training/Injury Prevention


    How to Theme Class to Keep Students Inspired and Motivated

  • Graduation

    Teach in real time 

    to a live FB group


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